Lake council leads in good governance

1 August 2012

Stability is the key to getting things done in council, says Councillor Phillipa Parsons and Greens Mayoral candidate for Lake Macquarie Council in the upcoming elections.

Cr. Parsons is not being facetious when she assesses Lake Macquarie as the most efficient, effective and functional council in the region.

“When you consider the dysfunctionality of surrounding councils, it really emphasises the stability of Lake Macquarie and the associated ability to then actually achieve outcomes for the community,” Cr Parsons said.

“After all, that’s what the community wants – a council that does not spend time bickering, playing party politics and spending ratepayers’ money on legal proceedings that seem to be driven more by spite than good governance” Cr Parsons said.

“Lake Macquarie has not been plagued by political grandstanding or warring independents whose egos and personal agendas appear to take priority over working towards achieving positive, tangible outcomes for the people they were elected to represent,” she emphasised.

“I am proud of all we’ve achieved in Lake Macquarie over the past four years.  We’ve been able to put differences aside to work together to deliver outcomes such as the Variety Playground at Speers Point, improved cycle ways and an ecologically sustainable lake and foreshore that really is the pride of our region. And balanced budgets.”

I sincerely hope the next four years are as stable and productive. The elected council must place the needs of the community as its priority and leave personal agendas and party politics in the carpark!”

Further information:   Phillipa Parsons – 0414 427 135

Phillia Parsons – Mayoral & East Ward Candidate



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