Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill – Tomorrow

Make the call for a moratorium on coal seam gas

Thursday 15th March will be an historic day in the NSW Parliament. It will be the first time that any Parliament in Australia has voted on a Coal Seam Gas Moratorium Bill.

The Bill is supported by the NSW Greens and the ALP. So it only needs 2 more members of the NSW Upper House to vote for the Bill and it will pass.
The legislation would still need to pass the Lower House to become law, but it would take our movement one huge step closer towards protecting our land and water from coal seam gas mining.

The remaining members of the Upper House need to hear from you urgently this week. Please get on the phone and ask the key players to vote for the CSG Moratorium Bill on Thursday. (While making a phone call is the most effective tactic, by clicking on the email address below a template email will appear – please modify and personalise if you have time)

Numbers to call:
Robert Brown, Shooters and Fishers Party:  (02) 9230 3059,
Robert Borsak, Shooters and Fishers Party:  (02) 9230 2850,
Fred Nile, Christian Democrats Party:   (02) 9230 3484,
Paul Green, Christian Democrats Party:  (02) 9230 2478,

The Shooters and Fishers need to hear that coal seam gas will undermine landholder rights, alienate public lands from recreation, and threaten our waterways and fisheries.
The Christian Democrats need to hear that coal seam gas will harm families, devalue land, and threaten the health and well-being of rural communities.

These four people hold the future of the coal seam gas moratorium in the palm of their hand. They can join with the other parties to get this Bill passed through the NSW Upper House. Please call them today.

If you have some more time, it’s worth letting the National Party know how you feel.  At the moment they are opposing the Bill, but if just one of them had the courage to cross the floor and vote for the Bill, it would create a political earthquake which could see the Bill passed. The National Party needs to know that its rural constituents want this Bill to pass and if it doesn’t, rural communities will be left to fend for themselves against gigantic corporations who threaten their livelihoods, their economic base and their way of life.

Call the following National Party members and ask them to put the interests of their constituents above party politics and vote for the CSG Moratorium Bill:
Niall Blair:  (02) 9230 2467,
Rick Colless:  (02) 9230 2344,
Jenny Gardiner:  (02) 9230 2903,
Duncan Gay:  02) 9228 5271,
Trevor Khan:  (02) 9230 3491,
Sarah Mitchell:  (02) 9230 3499,
Melinda Pavey:  (02) 9230 2977,

Take action today for our land and our water.

The debate on the bill will continue between 9:30am and 1:00pm Thursday 15 March. You are invited to attend the public gallery of the Legislative Council to watch the debate and the vote on the bill. We all need to watch how our representatives represent our views in the Parliament.

Lock The Gate Alliance

The LOCK THE GATE Alliance is a national alliance of over 130 community, industry and environmental groups and over 1200 supporters concerned with the devastating impact that certain inadequately assessed and inadequately-regulated fossil fuel extraction industries are having on our short and long term physical, social, environmental and economic wellbeing. We are particularly concerned with the damage caused by the coal and coal seam gas (CSG) mining industries.
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