Greens announce Newcastle team for September council elections

Newcastle Greens today announced its team to contest the September Newcastle Council elections.

They are:

  • Michael Osborne (Ward 1);
  • Therese Doyle (Ward 2);
  • Fee Mozeley (Ward 3);
  • John Sutton (Ward 4).

John Sutton will be the Lord Mayoral candidate.

Announcing the team today, Mr Sutton said that the September council election would provide a crucial opportunity  for the Newcastle community to establish a more responsible and democratic council that cares for the community.

“The 2008 council election saw a significant lurch to the right in Newcastle, with a number of previously unknown Independent candidates elected on the coat-tails of better known Independents, and with Greens candidates missing out narrowly in two wards, despite The Greens increasing their primary vote across all wards.

“It didn’t take long for many in the community to realise that the result produced the most anti-community council that Newcastle has seen for decades.

“No issue has highlighted this more than the council’s handling of the Laman Street figs fiasco, in which the council effectively declared war on its own community to despoil one of the city’s special places, alienating mainstream Newcastle, squandering ratepayers’ money, and condemning the community to even more expenditure to rectify the unnecessary damage it has created.

“The sole Green councillor on the current council (Clr Michael Osborne) has tried valiantly and consistently to stop the rot and to provide a genuine community voice in the face of the overwhelming incompetence, intransigence, and petty playground politics of the dominant bloc of right-wing councillors.

“The city’s experiment with right-wing Independents has shown that Newcastle needs a full team of Greens once more to restore local democracy.

“This week’s council meeting, in which the right-wing Independents combined with the Liberals to deprive the city’s workers of their traditional Show Holiday, and to entrench bureaucratic control of yet another key council advisory committee, provided an excellent illustration of what is rotten in the city of Newcastle.

“The last four years have demonstrated that, more than ever, our city needs strong, community-minded elected representatives, prepared to work collaboratively with each other and the community to ensure that the council administration understands, respects and works with (rather than against) its community.

“Our team of candidates have the experience, skills and commitment to bring the council back to the community, and we’ll be working hard between now and the September election to listen to what constituents in the wards are saying, and to deliver a comprehensive set of policies to deliver a more responsible, democratic and engaged council, and a more socially just and ecologically sustainable city”.

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