Come to “The Great Shout of Shame” for the felling of the last of the Laman St trees

Friday afternoon (3 February)

We’re going to see the last of the Laman St trees out with a clamour that Newcastle won’t forget!

It’s going to be peaceful, nonviolent, attractive, and LOUD!

When the council’s loppers move in to destroy the last part of Laman Street’s majestic cathedral arch canopy some time tomorrow afternoon, we’re going to be there (at the Darby St end) to bear witness, and to make the biggest commotion that Newcastle has ever heard!

Bring anything that makes a big noise (the louder the better), and any audio amplification devices that you can.

At one of the saddest moments in our city’s local history, at this culmination of a week of council shame, let’s be there to symbolically show this council that – however much they might think that they’ve defeated the community on this issue, and however much they refuse to listen to us – they won’t defeat our spirit, and we will be heard.

For this, people should bring the loudest noise-making devices they have, and any audio-amplification they can muster, and together we will make the greatest clamour that Newcastle has ever heard.

It will be a statement from the community that, whatever those who would destroy our places of beauty and our community spirit try to throw at us, and however they close their ears and their minds to reason, we will not be defeated, and THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD! Let’s rock the foundations of Town Hall with our noise!

Obviously, we can’t set a definite time for this, but if people could be on alert, we can use our communication networks to get word around as it becomes obvious that they are approaching the moment. Depending on the time, we may go round to the Administration Centre, too.

Let’s gather to shout for our trees, for our democracy, and for the spirit that drives our community – and that refuses to be defeated or silenced by the Awfulisers.

John Sutton

(might be a good idea to bring some ear plugs!)

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