There are strong indications that Newcastle Council may begin cutting down the Laman Street fig trees as early as this Monday morning 30th January 2012

 We need as many people as possible to be ACTIVE now and help STOP THE CHOP!  


 * Email and Phone Action:

1. Tim Owen – Tim has been really responsive and has the power with the Premier to stop the council (e.g. withhold use of the State police) and force an independent review.

Ph: (02) 4926 1126
PH: (02) 92302635


2. LM John Tate, Shayne Connell, Nuatali Nelmes, Sharon Claydon, Michael Osborne, Tim Crakanthorp, Mike Jackson– need to sign a rescission motion, as there is new important evidence (Ellison and Lonsdale’s reports and recommendations), and the fact that Council’s own Fauna report advises against chopping down the trees between Dec and June because it is both the breeding and feeding period for important native fauna. Also there is legislative action. A Private Members Bill to debate and close the loop hole in the Roads Act is likely to happen in State Parliament as early as 14 Feb.

State Members and Ministers:

3. Premier Barry O’Farrell – we need to thank Barry for his wise help so far, but urgently request his intervention to stop this renegade Council which is treating him, Tim Owen and the community with contempt. They must be stopped and the Premier has the power. If a Council needs the ‘operational support’ of the Police to implement a resolution, (after refusing State help to resolve issue fairly and decisively) surely that is a sign that the State needs to intervene.

Ph: 92285239

4. Donald Page – Minister for Local Government

Ph: (02) 9228 3403

Ph: (02) 9230 2111

5. Robyn Parker – Minister for Environment & Heritage– as with Tim Owen and the Premier.  

6. Andrew Cornwell – Member for Charlestown -Representing Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Principal suburbs: Adamstown, Adamstown Heights, Belmont North, Bennetts Green, Cardiff, Cardiff South, Charlestown, Dudley, Eleebana, Floraville, Garden Suburb, Gateshead, Highfields, Hillsborough, Jewells, Kahibah, Kotara, Kotara South, Mount Hutton, Redhead, Tingira Heights, Warners Bay, Whitebridge, Windale)

7.Michael Gallacher – Minister for Police and Emergency Services – as with Tim Owen and the Premier.

8. The Police Association – Scott Weber, President – Why should they be involved in this?  The Police Association used its democratic right to march and protest last November.

The council knowingly and willfully turned down the Premier’s offer to resolve the issue fairly and decisively, and have chosen instead to use the State police in confrontation with the community. This must not happen.

Street Action:

* *There will be a FIG UPDATE MEETING/PICNIC in CIVIC PARK at 4pm this SUNDAY (29th Jan)

Bring food, refreshments, family & friends. Come and chat to fellow community members you’ve met during this wonderful campaign and find out what’s happening with the fig trees.  

* *Monday morning there will be a FIG BREAKFAST in Laman Street (30th Jan) anytime from 4.30am onwards to hear the latest information, be part of our ‘Fig Watch’ and to join the peaceful community picket line should Council attempt to remove the trees. Council said that tree removal would not occur during the Xmas/New Year period. As of Monday, the New Year period is over, as is school holidays, and we need to be on high alert.


N.B. Please Cc: as Official Mail to

John Tate (Lord Mayor, Independent)              Ph 4974 2233              Email

Aaron Buman (Independent)                           Ph 0411 248 934         Email

Brad Luke (Liberal)                                           Ph 0427 622 089         Email

Scott Sharpe (Independent)                            Ph 0427 622 149         Email

Graham Boyd (Independent)                           Ph 0427 622 046         Email

Mike King (Independent)                                 Ph 0427 622 224         Email

Bob Cook (Independent)                                 Ph 0419 241 731         Email

Shayne Connell (Independent)                        Ph 0427 622 139            Email

Michael Osborne (Green)                                 Ph 0439 442 984         Email

Nuatali Nelmes (Labor)                                    Ph 0431 662 652         Email

Mike Jackson (Independent/Liberal)                Ph 0401 089 864         Email

Tim Crakanthorp (Labor)                                  Ph 0427 622 115         Email

Sharon Claydon (Labor)                                   Ph 0427 622 067         Email

Please contact your representatives now and help save the Laman Street fig trees!

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