Greens pedal for vote power

Bicycle to generate party’s Earth Hour tally room access

It’s Saturday night, 8.30, and the election results are rolling in at Newcastle Greens election night party.

But The Greens have a problem: how to do their green duty and save energy for Earth Hour just when things usually get most exciting with the election tally?

By ingenuity, and old-fashioned pedal power, that’s how!

Greens members at the Newcastle election night party will pedal a bicycle-powered generator, to supply a laptop computer tuned in to the election tally room.

Wind-up radios will provide a running commentary, and old-fashioned candle power will spread a soft, calming light.

“However voters might feel about the election results, there’s no reason why this election night should be our darkest hour,” The Greens candidate for Newcastle, John Sutton, said.

“As usual, The Greens will handle power responsibly, and in a way that sheds light on the political process,” he said.

The bicycle and generator will be provided by Magnificent Revolution Australia.

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