Pork from Keneally’s pork barrel needed for Wallsend

24 March 20011>

Greens candidate for Wallsend, Keith Parsons has called on Premier Keneally to  give Wallsend some pork our of her pork barrel .

He wants a commitment for $160m

  • to fund the Glendale interchange
  • to implement Wallsend flood management strategies
  • for oncology services at Waratah Calvary Hospital.

Mr Parsons said, “Just before her government moved into caretaker mode Kristina Keneally ‘porked’ her own electorate of Heffron. She  abolished  access fees to Mascot and Green Square Railway Stations, estimated to cost the government $5m a year, or $160m to compensate the private company that runs the airport rail link over the life of the contract.

“She  has suddenly realised that commuters in her own electorate have been ripped off by her government for 11 years, said Mr Parsons.

“We want her to be equally generous with Wallsend. $160 m would pay for much more important and regionally significant projects up here in Labor’s former Hunter heartland.

“It would allow for completion of the Glendale project:  $50m for Glendale railway station and interchange and $50m for the Pennant Street bridge and other road works.

“Another $50 m would pay for the urgently needed Wallsend flood mitigation works-engineering, property acquisitions, early warning and emergency response strategies.

“That leaves about $10min the kitty for Waratah Calvary Hospital’s disgracefully under-funded oncology services.

“Wallsend  was forced to wait for 18 years for a commitment in 2010 to fund a mere $6.5m for a Cardiff Station accessibility elevator. A Glendale station and interchange were promised ‘within 4 years’ by Bob Carr 13 years ago.

“All these initiatives are more important than reducing rail commuters’ fares in the Premier’s electorate,”

“We want Ms Keneally to  match the $160m commitment she made to her electorate and we want a genuine commitment  now”, said Mr. Parsons.

Contact 49 265301 or 0408446022

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