Greens announce Wallsend preference recommendations

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Greens candidate for Wallsend, Keith Parsons, today announced that the Greens will recommend preferences to Wallsend candidates in the following order:

1. Keith Parsons

2.  Mike Jackson (Independent)

3.  Sonia Hornery (Labor)

4.  Shayne Connell (Independent)

Mr Parsons said “this decision was made after careful consideration by local Newcastle Greens members and followed a process outlined in a media release issued on March 7, and reported in The Newcastle Herald and on our websites.

“We made public the criteria that we would use, outlining 10 key issues in the Greens election platform.

“Shayne Connell and Mike Jackson responded specifically to these criteria, for the most part to our satisfaction. A representative of Sonya Hornery asked us to judge her ‘on her record’ alone.

“Candidates were also judged on their political records as MPs (Ms Hornery) and as Newcastle councillors (all three).

“Local members regarded the three candidates as having progressive platforms overall.

“Mr Jackson’s generally progressive stand on social, environmental and planning issues as a Newcastle councillor was the primary reason for recommending him as our second preference.

“Ms Hornery’s record of standing up for the community on local issues, her opposition to privatisation and to the Tillegra Dam, and her public support for retaining the rail line to Newcastle Station were all noted in her favour.

“Whilst local members noted Ms Hornery’s public silence on key issues like coal and climate change, and planning reform (especially Labor’s infamous Part 3A), a generally positive report from Greens MLCs on her parliamentary record assisted us in our deciding to recommend our third preference to her.

“With Mr Connell, members noted that whilst he was elected to Newcastle council on the ticket of the openly anti-Greens conservative independent Aaron Buman, he had begun to distance himself from Cr Buman in council matters, taking a progressive stand on campaign funding, and showing evidence of an increasingly progressive voting pattern on social, environmental and planning matters that members felt merited a preference recommendation after the other two candidates.

“We ask Wallsend electors to consider our recommended preferences when casting their votes,” Mr Parsons said.

For further information or comment, please contact Keith Parsons (Greens candidate for Wallsend), on 4926 5301 or 0408 446 022.

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