State Election Campaign Update

The GREENS CAMPAIGN OFFICE (for Newcastle & Wallsend) is at:
403 Hunter Street (Civic Arcade), Newcastle; Phone: 4929 4992
Can you do a Polling Booth & Letterboxing?:
With only FOUR WEEKS to go to Election Day on 26th March, we need to quickly get people booked onto polling booths. If you haven’t yet been rung to ask if you could hand out how-to-votes on a booth in your suburb (or further afield) – or do letterboxing in your local area – PLEASE CONTACT BEV SYMONS on 4962 2160 or:, or just reply to this email, or call in/phone the office, indicating your preferred booth & hours, and letterboxing area, and we’ll get back to you.
Can you hand-out on a Pre-Polling Booth?:
Will be held in Newcastle & Wallsend electorates, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm weekdays, from Monday 14th to Friday 25th March. If you could do a 3-hour shift (or less), CONTACT BEV SYMONS A.S.A.P., advising your preferred date/s and time/s.
Note: Above is for Newcastle & Wallsend electorates – to offer your help in the three Lake Macquarie electorates of Charlestown, Lake Macquarie and Swansea, email:
And for Port Stephens electorate, email Liz Stephens:
Can you Display a Candidate Poster on your front fence/yard?
Posters are available NOW in the office – it’s very important to get them out and about in the electorates in the next couple of weeks. So please call the office & arrange to collect/or be delivered.
Can you help in the Office? – between 10am – 3pm on week-days at present.
If so, contact Gloria on 4962 5564 or 0403 001 682 or:
Can you do some phoning to other supporters, to arrange a polling booth & letterboxing etc?
You can do this at home; list of names/nos. and phoning instructions, will be provided.
You don’t need to use our electronic booking system, just obtain all the necessary information for follow-up. To offer your help, contact Nevenka on 4967 5335 or 0431 211 586 or:
KEEP UP-TO DATE WITH THE NEWCASTLE CAMPAIGN by going to John Sutton’s Blog at:
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