Greens Reaffirm Commitment to Marine Conservation


Greens affirm Marine Policy

Greens MP & marine spokesperson Cate Faehrmann today joined with local coastal candidates Phillipa Parsons (Swansea), Charmian Eckersley (Lake Macquarie) and Paula Morrow (Charlestown) to reaffirm the Greens’ commitment to protecting marine ecosystems for future generations.

“The marine environment policy the Greens take to this election is a sure solution to reversing the global decline in fish stocks and the degradation of our marine environment” said Cate Faehrmann.

“Greens policy responds to the inadequacies of current ‘no-take’ zones within marine parks, which are failing to protect marine habitat and keep fish stocks at sustainable levels.

“The Greens marine policy mandates the creation of a comprehensive, adequate and representative system of marine sanctuaries, determined according to scientific evidence, within already established marine parks.

“The Greens vision for marine conservation will mean NSW can play its part towards protecting 20-30% of global waters within sanctuary zones, which the international scientific community is telling us is absolutely necessary to prevent the death of marine ecosystems.” said Ms Faehrmann.

“The Greens policy is about conservation of our marine environment and ensuring a future for our fishing industry.” said Paula Morrow, Greens candidate for Charlestown.

“Designated marine sanctuaries will protect the source of our commercial fishing industry. Without them, this industry does not have a sustainable future and our marine environment will be destroyed before our grandchildren have the chance to throw out a line, said Ms Morrow.”

“Marine sanctuaries are a win-win for fishers and the marine environment.” said Phillipa Parsons, Greens candidate for Swansea.

“Zoning marine sanctuaries in accordance with the best available science is a sure step towards ensuring we can maximise the chance for fish stocks to replenish and ensure there is a future for fishers in Swansea.”

“Greens policy also recognises the need for protection of our estuaries because of course those in Swansea are important fish nursery grounds” said Ms. Parsons.

“Ensuring a healthy marine environment well into the future through the establishment of marine sanctuaries is essential for the ongoing success of the ecotourism industry in the Lake Macquarie area” said Charmian Eckersley, Greens candidate for Lake Macquarie.

“The Greens policy seeks to involve the community in the design and management of marine parks.”

“Engaging the local community, fishers, small business and marine scientists will put all the facts on the table and allow for an informed debate about how to achieve what’s in our shared interest – protecting our marine environment” said Ms. Eckersley.

Further information: Cate Faehrmann – 0412 207 043; Phillipa Parsons – 0414 427 135; Paula Morrow – 0407 612 115; Charmian Eckersley – 0407 730 410

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