Greens Preferences in NEWCASTLE and WALLSEND

We are receiving many enquiries about Greens preferences in Newcastle and Wallsend for the 26 March state election.

1. In the Greens, preference recommendations for local election campaigns are determined by local groups, not by a party head office. Newcastle Greens is responsible for The Greens campaigns in Newcastle and Wallsend, and will make any decisions regarding preference recommendations to Greens voters in those two electorates.
2. As at the day of writing, Newcastle Greens has not been approached by any candidate or party regarding Greens preferences in either Newcastle or Wallsend.
3. When Newcastle Greens determines preference recommendations for the current election, we will do so systematically, in accordance with the best information available to us about the record and policies of other candidates and parties in relation to the key election issues that we have identified.
4. Once we have made our preference recommendation decisions, they will be announced and explained publicly to the media, on our website and on this display area.

IMPORTANT: You, the voter, control your preferences. No matter what any party’s or candidate’s How to Vote card might recommend to you about preferences, you have full control of how you wish to allocate your own preferences. How to vote cards given out to voters are simply recommendations that voters can follow or not as they please.

Under the optional preferential system, voters are not obliged to pass preferences if they so wish. You can preference as many as you wish or alternatively, preference no one by simply placing a “1” (not a tick or cross) in the box or your preferred candidate.

In the Legislative Council,  simply placing “1” above  the line means you are voting (vertically down the column) for the candidates in that group only. If you also wish to preference other groups, that must be done above the line as well by putting a 2, 3 etc horizontally in the boxes  above the line.

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