Save Our Rail WesTrans Plan

The Greens today welcomed the public launch of Save Our Rail’s WesTrans proposal as a significant and positive contribution to the public debate on the future of Newcastle’s public transport system.

The Save Our Rail plan will be officially launched in Wallsend this afternoon.

“This area of public policy is usually dominated by well resourced vested interest lobby groups, or by government agencies with development agendas, so it’s very refreshing to see a committed community-based group, motivated purely by a desire for a better public transport system, make such a positive contribution,” The Greens candidate for Newcastle, John Sutton, said.

“Whilst the proposals in the study will need to be rigorously examined and costed, they offer a set of ideas that – if implemented – would make a positive contribution to Newcastle’s public transport system.

“We’ve been so barraged with double-speak from the NSW Labor government about a ‘rail-based solution’ for Newcastle while releasing proposals to cut the city’s rail infrastructure, and so much negativity from the local anti-rail campaign against the Newcastle rail line, that this study is a breath of fresh air,” Mr Sutton said.

“What Save Our Rail is proposing is a genuine rail-based solution, with a significant expansion of current inter-city rail services, and light rail.

“The plan looks at different transport modes (including light rail) in the context of the city’s larger transport system and needs.

“This plan is a serious attempt to show how we can move away from our current reliance on private motor vehicles, toward more sustainable transport modes, such as cycling, rail and buses.

“Save Our Rail has shown the way here, and I urge the state government to treat their proposals seriously,” Mr Sutton said.

Copies of Save Our Rail’s plan can be found on the group’s website at:

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