Our Community is at Risk

The planned new 5 precinct wharf development at the old BHP site in Mayfield will generate massive numbers of extra trucks on our roads operating 24x7x365.

Serious Rail upgrades have not been considered.

In just the Container Precinct alone, 800,000 containers p.a. on trucks will generate 400,000 loaded trucks + 400,000 empty trucks = 800,000 extra truck movements, all spewing onto Industrial Drive and into the suburb of Mayfield, and surrounding suburbs.

This will directly impact:-

  • your streets
  • your children
  • your homes
  • your lives

NO additional infrastructure planned;
NO genuine consultation with residents held; and
NO adequate environmental impact study has been made.

A Public Meeting is being held at the

East Mayfield Public School

10a.m. Sat. 25th Sept. 2010

Speakers include: Peter Shinnick, the CEO of the Hunter Business Chamber

Representatives from Newcastle Port Corp

Organised by Correct Planning and Consultation for Mayfield Group (CPCFM) email: mayfieldcorrectplanning@gmail.com

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