Thanks from Lee Rhiannon

Dear Members & Supporters,

Lee Rhiannon phoned me last night to express her thanks for the campaign in Lake Macquarie .  Lee knows that it is the combined effort of local campaigns like ours around the country, that have resulted in the wonderful and significant result for The Greens.  Similarly, the success of every individual campaign is the accumulation of the work of many, many people.  Every hour that someone spent on a polling booth handing out how to votes, every leaflet dropped in a letter box, every poster stuck on a board or in a front yard, it all helped spread our message and resulted in votes to elect Lee to the Senate.  Every vote is important.  Your contribution and support paid off.  NSW will have a Greens Senator again for the next six years.

Thank you to every one of you, members and supporters, for your contribution to this historic campaign.  We can all feel proud of our achievement.

The NSW State Election is only seven months away.  We will continue campaigning and can achieve another great success in NSW.  In each of the 1995 and 1999 elections, The Greens were successful in having one candidate elected to the NSW Legislative Council.  In 2003 and 2007 we increased our success by achieving the election of two candidates in each election.  In 2011 we must endeavour to secure the election of three candidates, to give us a total of five NSW MLCs.  We can do it again with your help

Ian McKenzie
Candidate for Charlton
Mob 0414 682001

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