Phillipa Parsons is the Greens candidate for Shortland. She is married with three children and has lived in Charlestown and Belmont for 20 years. She is currently a Greens councillor on Lake Macquarie City Council.  Phillipa is a secondary public school history teacher within the Shortland electorate.  She has previously worked as a NSW police officer and insurance investigator.   In addition to her teaching qualifications she has qualifications and experience in management.

Phillipa is active in Landcare and developing sustainable neighbourhoods.As a councillor she has been a strong advocate for empowering the community and regularly voices concerns surrounding issues such as climate change, mining and human rights.

Phillipa is passionate for governments to exercise leadership in the ‘big’ issues listen to the people and empower communities to develop sustainable communities.  The population of Shortland, with a median income lower than the Australian average, needs federal government investment in improving infrastructure for public transport and education.

Greens LogoThere has never been a more important time for Shortland to vote Green. Only the Greens have the courage and integrity to stand by their policies to deal with the challenges we face.

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