Media Release – Greens Support Equal Pay for Community Workers

Greens candidates in the federal election, Michael Osborne (Newcastle)
and Phillipa Parsons (Shortland) both pledged their support today for
the Australian Services Union landmark court action for equal pay for
community workers.

The Greens candidates signed the pledge to the Australian Services
Union to also work with their party to ensure that services have the
funds they need to meet the costs of equal pay without the need to cut
services in the event that the court action by the union is

The Australian Services Union has the first case to be tried under
Labor’s Fair Work legislation before the Federal Court. They are
fighting for pay equity and a higher minimum wage for those employed
under the Social and Community Services Award, which will set a new
bench mark for one of society’s most needed yet undervalued

“These are some of the most valued workers in our community who care
for some of the most vulnerable members of society. They are typically
the roles filled by females, and historically may have been volunteer
positions.  It is time to redress the pay imbalance and pay them
commensurate with their importance,” said Phillipa Parsons.

“Social and community services employees deserve equal pay and the
Federal Government needs to recognise the important role that
community not-for-profit organisations fulfil in the provision of
social services and must support and fund them accordingly,” said
Michael Osborne.

Contact: Phillipa Parsons 0414 427 135
Michael Osborne 0439 442 984

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