Media Release – It is up to the voters as to how they preference say Greens.

The Greens have announced that their preferences in the Shortland electorate will go to the Secular Party of Australia. The ALP are number three on the list, with Liberals at four and One Nation at five.

“I have been out talking to people during this campaign and a major concern is how preferences work. I emphasise that party preference deals are really only the equivalent of a ‘serving suggestion’ and that they can number the boxes however they wish. It is important to add though, that they must number every single box or their vote won’t count,” Greens candidate for Shortland Phillipa Parsons.

“I am encouraging people to vote No. 1 for the Greens and then number every box, either following our voting suggestion or in whichever order they choose,” she said.

“The Greens are looking to deliver more Greens into Parliament, and win the balance of power in the Senate. Voting 1 Greens in the Senate is vital to stop the Coalition getting the balance of power and becoming a roadblock in the senate. As I said, I am asking people to vote 1 Greens, and then it is up to them to decide their own preferences,” said Ms Parsons.

CONTACT:   Phillipa Parsons
Greens Candidate for Shortland
m: 0414 427 135

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