Support a ban on new coal power plants – take action now!

We urge you to support the following initiative by Rising Tide, and to take action by sending messages to your local State MP and to the NSW Cabinet, to help ensure no new coal-fired power stations in NSW.

You may have seen a recent article in the Daily Telegraph, revealing that the NSW Government is considering a ban on new coal-fired power stations.

This is great news! A ban on new coal-fired power stations would be the biggest victory for the climate we have seen in Australia. There are proposals for new coal-fired power stations all around the country, including NSW, and a ban in this state would pressure other states to follow. Please help make sure the NSW Government adopts this proposal.

NSW Cabinet will make a decision on the proposed ban within a week or two. The decision could go either way. We have a small window of opportunity to pressure NSW Labor politicians into making the ban on new coal plants a reality. We must also make sure the ban is effective immediately – and doesn’t allow two proposed coal power plants at Bayswater and Mt Piper to slip through.

What can you do?

*  Phone or email your local MP to say you want the government to support a ban on new coal-fired power stations, effective immediately. See contact information below.
* Email or phone members of NSW Cabinet, and tell them they must ban new coal fired power stations. There is a contact list for all NSW Cabinet Members here. All of their email addresses are listed below.

How do you contact your MP?
You can find out your electorate by a search at this website. After that, find your local MP’s contact details here.

If you live in the Hunter Region, and your local MP is in the Labor Party, their contact details are in this list:

* Newcastle: Jodi McKay: phone 4926 1126;
* Wallsend: Sonia Hornery: phone 4950 0955;
* Charlestown: Matthew Morris: phone 4942 1242;
* Swansea: Robert Coombs: phone 4972 1133;
* Cessnock: Kerry Hickey: phone 4991 1466;
* Maitland: Frank Terenzini: phone 4933 1617;

Email addresses for NSW Cabinet members.
Just cut and paste these email addresses, and send them all an email:

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