This is an urgent call for a show of people power. Numbers are going to matter!

Discussions are now underway for a peaceful pro-rail gathering outside Newcastle City Hall this Thursday evening (3 June) to protest against the anti-rail meeting inside City Hall.

The anti-rail forces, hiding under the innocent-sounding “Fix Our City” banner, have pushed their Thursday meeting with a major marketing campaign bankrolled by the same vested interests that have always been behind the cut-the-rail campaign. The meeting is being pushed as “pro-revitalisation”, but its real agenda is anti-rail. It’s being timed to coincide with the imminent release of the state government’s report on the rail line, and the anti-rail lobby is relying on a big turnout to buttress their political position. It’s possible that many people who turn up for the FOC meeting won’t even realise what its real intention is. They are relying on the twin planks of greed and ignorance.

It’s crucial that everyone who cares about the Newcastle rail line, about public transport, and about a genuinely sustainable, revitalised future for our city turns out for the protest action outside Newcastle City Hall to show that the anti-rail forces do not speak for the city of Newcastle.

We all know how readily the current Labor state government will fall to its knees in the face of a concerted push by developers, and we’ve all seen how prepared they are to roll over on the rail line issue.

Only a show of People Power will stop them.

Registration for the FOC meeting begins at 5pm (not sure what time the meeting itself begins).

A further notice will be distributed once arrangements for the community protest gathering have been finalised.

Please spread the word about this via your own networks. And please come out on Thursday evening to show your support for a better future for Newcastle.


John Sutton
[Coordinator, Newcastle Greens Rail Campaign group]

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