Recently Naomi Hogan and I (Steve Denshire) returned from The World People’s Conference on Climate Change and Rights for Mother Earth. The conference was hosted by the Bolivian government in response to the failure of Copenhagen. The event ran over four days and was attended by 35 thousand people. Issues such as climate debt, a climate justice tribunal, climate migrants and the dangers of the carbon market were discussed.

The experience was one to remember, with farmers, activists and indigenous groups from all over the world coming together to discuss real action on climate change. The end result was The World People’s Agreement , now a formal document within the UN negotiations, providing new hope for people fighting for global climate justice.

We would like to invite you to a report back and film night on Wednesday 2 June at 6:30pm, in the back shed at La Paz, 167 Parry St Hamilton East  (across the road from Trees in Newcastle).

The night will include Al Jazeera’s 25 minute Fault Lines film, showcasing the conference, Bolivia’s climate position and the on-ground effects of the climate crisis there. Naomi and I will also reflect on the conference, our visit to the climate effected Khapi community, share what we learned in our time in Bolivia and leave plenty of time for discussions and questions.

We will supply wine, cheese and vegan dips. We estimate the presentation will go for an hour or so and then you’re welcome to stay around for networking and further discussion.

Please RSVP to if you are comming

Steve Ph : 0402 556 420

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