The Rees government has new legislation that will pave the way for the closure and sell off of rail lines and associated land to developers, without scrutiny.

A century ago MPs had the vision to pass a law to provide legal protection for our rail tracks. This has meant the closure of railway lines can only proceed by an Act of Parliament, requiring debate in parliament.

The Transport Administration Amendment (Rail Trails) Bill 2009 removes the need to consult parliament. If passed it would allow the removal of the lines with the stroke of a pen.

The Newcastle Greens have campaigned for many years to save the rail line from Sydney to Newcastle & for improved bicycle infrastructure including rail trails. The Government’s new laws will allow viable public rail corridors across the state to be sold off, such as the Newcastle rail line and the Casino to Murwillumbah line.

See Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon’s website for further details
Save Our Rail website

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