I am thrilled that The Greens vote increased so much in the face of the Ruddslide. This bodes really well for the country particularly as we face the greatest challenge our planet has ever seen – global warming.
We have a new government because of the strong Greens vote and our preferences in 21 seats. Kevin Rudd must now listen, learn and act on The Greens plan to address global warming and restore fairness to our workplaces. John Howard will lose his seat because of Greens preferences. It is fantastic to see such a big Greens vote in the Senate. It looks like the Coalition has lost their majority in the Senate and The Greens will share the balance of power with Family First and Nick Xenophon. Such a strong Greens vote in all states and territories shows that people want The Greens to provide accountability and balance in the Senate.Unfortunately we have not held our Senate seat in NSW but new Greens Senators, Sarah Hanson-Young and Scott Ludlum from South Australia and Western Australia will join Bob, Christine and Rachel on July 1.

I want to thank everyone for their support for many years and during the election campaign. I think we ran a great campaign and it has been an honour to represent The Greens and the people for NSW for 5 and a half years. I remain a Senator until July 1 and I look forward to continuing to work with you for social and environmental justice. I am particularly looking forward to helping asylum seekers and campaigning for women’s reproductive rights in the next six months and beyond.

The Greens NSW have run a fantastic campaign with more helpers on election day than ever before. Our highest Senate vote ever bodes well for the future of Green politics in NSW especially at the local council elections next year.

It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with you all. Have a wonderful relaxing festive season knowing that The Greens have changed the political landscape of this country. I will



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