A message from Bob Brown – Greens Pass Million Milestone

The Greens’ vote in the Senate has exceeded one million. The final count will be near 1,080,000, compared with 917,000 in 2004.

In other outcomes the Greens:
* Supplanted the National Party as Australia’s third largest political party – by a country mile;
* Rescued the Senate’s balance of power through winning a seat in South Australia (Sarah Hanson-Young) as well as Nick Xenophon;
* Busted the Senate quota barrier (14.2%) for the first time – In Tasmania, with 17.74%;
* Scored a new record high percentage national Senate vote (9.02%);
* Scored a new record high percentage Senate vote in any electorate (ACT – 22%);
* Gave Labor the preference flow to win 21 seats, including Bass, Braddon, Bennelong and Bowman;
* May well pass the Liberals in Melbourne to score over 22% (with candidate Adam Bandt) and will peg Labor’s Lindsay Tanner to closer than 55-45 in two party preferred;
* Will go into the next Senate with between 5-7 seats (1998 – 1 seat; 2001-2 seats; 2004 – 4 seats) and hold or share the balance of power;
* Increased the Greens Northern Territory vote to 9% from 7.7% after opposing the Howard government’s intervention laws which Rudd Labor supported.

“In the Howard-Rudd context, this has been another electoral advance for the Greens, who do best when Labor, rather than the Coalition, is in office,” Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

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