Greens and Democrats reach agreement

Coalition dominance and abuse of the Senate is a step closer to coming to an end after an agreement between The Greens and the Democrats.

The agreement means that The Greens and Democrats will exchange preferences in the Senate increasing the chances of the balance of power resting with The Greens.

Announcing the agreement in Adelaide today Greens leader Bob Brown said “This agreement follows historic swaps between Democrats and The Greens … only a strong, independent Senate will hold the government to account.”

Talking to a packed theatre at The Greens National campaign launch in Melbourne last week, Senator Brown said there is a “historic tide flowing through Australian politics in 2007 – it is set to sweep the old Howard politics out and return the Senate to its rightful role as the people’s house of review.”

“We Greens will use the balance of power responsibly to get better outcomes for Australia.”

Meanwhile the online campaign group GetUp has brought together The Greens, Democrats and Labor in a Save Our Senate television ad.

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