Your vote for The Greens has double value

Voting 1 for The Greens

is double-value voting.

can change the government and send a message that Greens policies are better.

means your vote passes on at full value to the next party of your choice if The Greens candidate drops out of the count

provides “third party insurance”.

increases the likelihood of returning balance and accountability to the Senate as Labor cannot win enough seats to remove control from the Coalition.

Recommending preferences to Labor does not mean we endorse Labor’s

Greens having the balance of power in the Senate

will keep a new Rudd Labor government accountable and be a progressive voice in Parliament.

will use the balance of power responsibly

e.g. if the ALP in government supports changes to climate change policy and the Coalition is opposed to it, The Greens, holding the balance of power, will determine the result. On the other hand, if the ALP and Coalition both support further tax cuts for high income earners instead of pensioners, then the vote of The Greens’ Senators will not be enough to prevent it.

would be unable to prevent any legislation being passed, or to insist that any legislation be passed, unless we had the support of either Labor or the Coalition.

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