Greens oppose Liberal tax cuts

Services Not Tax CutsThe Greens oppose Costello’s election tax cuts. The $34 billion should go to schools, hospitals, water, tackling climate change and the poor.

The tax cuts are an irresponsible election bribe and fail Australia. The total cost of tax cuts announced in the last three years is now $100 billion.

Once again the rich get the biggest gains. The big end of town, those on $200,000 per annum will get $128 per week while battling households on $70,000 per week will get just $20 per week.

The Australian Council of Social Services are also opposed to the tax cuts.

The ACTU has said the money won’t compensate workers for the impact of Howard’s workplace laws.

We should be using the surplus to invest in Australian infrastructure and services to safeguard against future problems.

Greens Leader Bob Brown called on Kevin Rudd to “resist the urge to get into a tax cutting auction with the Coalition.”

To read Bob Brown’s statement on the tax cuts.

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