Turnbull approves pulp mill

Pulp mill gets the nod & Garrett supports Turnbull’s decision

No Pulp MillSenator Kerry Nettle and other Greens took the anti-pulp mill campaign to Malcolm Turnbull’s press conference in Sydney today.

The Greens will step up our campaign against the proposed pulp mill in Tasmania after Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull approved the mill today. Labor’s Peter Garrett agreed with the government’s decision and said the ALP supported the pulp mill.

“This was a litmus test – a challenge to the coalition to show that it was able to meet the aspirations of Australians in 2007 – and it’s failed,” Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

The pulp mill will chew through 200,000 hectares of native forest and contribute an additional 2% to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and release posionous dioxins into Bass Strait.

The Greens candidates for Wentworth and Kingsford-Smith recently visited the site of the proposed mill. The mill will be a big issue in their election campaign as they go up against Malcolm Turnbull and Labor environment spokesperson, Peter Garrett.

You can come and hear Senator Brown launch the Greens NSW election campaign at:

The Mint, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Friday 12 October 12pm – 1pm.

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