Lack of political leadership lamented and Greens drug policy praised

In the Weekend Sydney Morning Herald, published 7 September 2007, Lisa Pryor said of a statement by Morris Iemma

This insult-throwing is a shame, really. If only some of our political leaders had some of the courage and daring of Steve Fossett.”

Lisa, some of our political leaders do and we can vote for them in the approaching Federal election by voting 1 The Greens – the real alternative.

This is more of what Lisa said

We should abolish criminal sanctions for personal drug use and focus on treatment and counselling instead. We should maintain penalties for people who use drugs while driving or give drugs to anyone underage. While we’re at it, we should ban donations to political parties from the drug, tobacco and alcohol industries so that governments are not beholden to drugs which happen to be legal now.

I have plagiarised all that from the Greens. I love a bit of hippie baiting as much as the next person, so I was surprised to find myself so in agreement with their drugs policy.

I was surprised how moderate it was given that the Premier, Morris Iemma, said during the last state election campaign that the policy was an attempt to score “a cheap bit of publicity”, “an absurd, ridiculous and disgusting policy” and “unbalanced and stupid“. The full article is here

The Greens NSW policy is here

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