Greens achieve best result ever in NSW

Greens MP and lead Upper House candidate Lee Rhiannon said this election
achieved the best ever result for the Greens in NSW, with increases in both

“With two Upper House Greens MPs elected we have brought our numbers to four
and are set to play a pivotal role in the balance of power,” Ms Rhiannon

“The Greens vote is expected to be around 9 percent in both houses, taking
into account our traditionally strong absentee and upper house below the
line vote.

“In Marrickville we recorded the highest primary Greens vote in any general
election in Australia ever, at 33 percent and in Balmain we gained 30% of
the vote.

“In these inner city heartland seats the Greens are continuing to erode
Labor’s traditionally strong hold.

“Our preferences were crucial in determining the outcome in Lake Macquarie,
possibly helping an independent beat Labor.

“With Labor outspending the Greens by twenty to one, we have achieved an
outstanding result.

“We polled over 30% in two seats (Marrickville and Balmain), in three we
polled over 20% (Coogee, Ballina and Peter Debnam’s seat of Vaucluse) and in
10 or so we recorded over 15 percent.

“The Greens identified this as Australia’s first climate change election.

“In the next parliament our four MPs will place the coal industry centre
stage in the climate change debate and put pressure on Labor to end its
culture of secrecy.

“The Greens vote has been boosted by the hard work of thousands of members
and supporters working across all 93 seats in NSW.

“Our vote is particularly outstanding considering it was achieved without
the massive donations flowing into the campaign chests of the major
parties,” Ms Rhiannon said.

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