Charlestown preferences

The Greens candidate for Charlestown, Jane Smith, today challenged Independent candidate Paul Scarfe to give a single reason why Greens voters should preference him in next week’s state election.
Hitting back at Cr Scarfe’s criticism of the party’s decision not to preference him, Ms Smith said “our preference decisions in other Hunter electorates – such as Lake Macquarie, Swansea and Newcastle – clearly show that The Greens are quite prepared to recommend preferences to progressive Independents where they are trusted by the community.”
“But we’ve found that Charlestown voters involved in issues such as sand mining and restoration, the state park, the coastal wetland park proposal, the proposed golf club expansion and aboriginal land claims have no confidence at all in Cr Scarfe.
“Given his own performance, Cr Scarfe’s reference to our defence of environmental assets in his public criticism of our preference recommendation is the greatest hypocrisy of all.
“If Mr Scarfe wants Greens voters to preference him, he’ll have to start giving some reasons for them to do so – we certainly haven’t heard any yet.
“Throughout the state’s 93 electorates, the Greens made separate preference decisions in the hope of getting the best possible representation for each electorate and the best possible government.
“Sadly, it was clear to us that in Charlestown there were no alternatives preferable to the sitting member,” Ms Smith said.
Ms Smith said the Greens were taking the fallout from their preference decisions in the Hunter as a signal that they had “got it right”.
“We give a lot of thought to our preference recommendations. As usual, we’ve been attacked by both of the old parties and by non-progressive Independents.
“The baseless scare-tactics and deceptive allegations dragged in election-by-election by these players following our preference decisions have now become threadbare scraps in the fabric of Australian electoral politics.
“Feedback about our preference decisions from our own members and supporters has been very positive, and voters are increasingly able to see through the ritual huffing and puffing of candidates such as Cr Scarfe,” Ms Smith said.
For further information please call Jane Smith on 0438 417927

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