On a roll?

Greens MP and Upper House candidate Lee Rhiannon has joined Suzanne Pritchard candidate for Lake Macquarie to urge young people that time is running out to make sure they are on the electoral roll to vote in the upcoming NSW election.

“The electoral rolls will close 3 working days after the election ‘writ’ is issued, that’s very soon, so people need to register to vote before it is too late” Suzanne said

The electoral roll is continuously updated, however, following the issue of the ‘writ’ for an election , which sets the election timetable, the roll for the election is closed. The roll for the election closes at 8.00 pm local time on the third working day after the writ is issued and cannot be updated after that date.

“AEC data shows that only half of all 18 year olds are enrolled to vote yet it is young people that will inherit the legacy of foot-dragging by this government on climate change.”

“Now is the opportunity for the young to force the older generations to take more responsibility for the environmental mess which they have created and will be leaving for future generations to clean up”

Suzanne Pritchard said: “Each election, there are more young people voting for The Greens. We are a party that is committed to making sure there are opportunities for all young people in our state.

“The election is really soon, so I am urging all young people in Lake Macquarie to get down to
any post office or get on line and register to vote”

“Young people are being totally ignored by the major parties. The Greens are committed to improving services and transport for young people to make sure they have the best opportunities in the years to come,” says Suzanne

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