Greenprint for addressing the Swansea electorate’s public transport needs

Greens candidate for Swansea, Sue Wynn, is calling for a thorough and immediate overhaul of the public transport system in her electorate, a system she feels is letting the local community down.

‘The state of public transport across the electorate of Swansea is abysmal,’ said Ms Wynn. ‘The electorate needs an integrated approach across regional areas. The lack of services and their infrequency contributes to social isolation as well as the inability for many people to fully engage in the workforce and of course a continued reliance on cars for their transport needs.’

‘The geography of Lake Macquarie means there are many small communities that are not well serviced by any public transport and they need a frequent, reliable, safe and clean service that links with direct route buses to the larger service and employment centres,’ said Ms Wynn. ‘This could be achieved using small local buses that connect with larger buses at the interchange of these communities with the Pacific Highway.’

Currently the Lower Hunter public transport usage is 5% and NSW is one of only two places in Australia where public transport patronage is falling. The Greens will work towards a goal of public transport patronage of 20% by 2020.

The Greens are committed to new public transport projects funded by public investment, not Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

The Greens are also committed to amending Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to allow local councils to use developer contributions for local and regional public transport schemes, under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport.

‘Swansea electorate deserves a regional bus network based on transport needs,’ said Ms Wynn. ‘Buses must make direct, fast links between transit centres. A transit bus lane to Swansea and a direct airport link to and from Swansea are essential.’

Public transport should be affordable and reliable. The Greens support extending concession fares and integrated ticketing.

‘The Greens are committed to a bus reform package to improve servicing of light and heavy rail and invest in a mixture of heavy rail, light rail and bus services.

‘We also encourage the shift of freight from road to rail by improvements to the rail system, reopening rail freight branch lines.’

The Greens would ensure all new roads, bridges and upgrades to be safe for bicycles and reallocate at least 5% of the state’s road budget to the construction of a comprehensive bicycle networks.

‘I am committed to securing funding to complete the Fernleigh Track, for all people to use and enjoy. This will allow people to cycle safely to and from work or for pleasure,’ said Ms Wynn.

‘All of these initiatives would service the community’s needs and, as a bonus, reduce green house gas emissions as well.’

For further information please contact Sue Wynn on 024359 1481 or 0431 637 643.

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