Hunter Greens candidates connect with coal communities plan action On Upper Hunter hotspots

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon will today join the nine Greens candidates from the Hunter region on an extensive bus tour of the worst affected coal communities in the Hunter, including the site of the proposed Anvil Hill coalmine.

The candidates will meet up with local coal community campaigners to inspect the ongoing and planned mining projects destroying the communities, rivers and land of the Hunter Valley.

“The Greens Hunter candidates will be eye-balling the major parties leading up to the election and challenging them to explain how they can support coal while pretending to be concerned about climate change, Ms Rhiannon said.

“We are challenging the Government to scrap the new coal loader in Newcastle, place a moratorium on new coal mines in the Hunter and develop clean manufacturing jobs in green industries.

”The Greens will introduce legislation into the next parliament to stop new coal projects going ahead in NSW.”

There is growing community support for a clean, green job-rich future for the Hunter that depends on renewable energy, not the coal industry. Employment in the coal industry has declined drastically with globalization and increased mechanization.

“The major parties show they’re not prepared to stand up to the coal industry.
Premier Iemma can’t talk up March 24 as the climate change election while his government is overseeing a massive expansion of the coal industry, the greatest contributor to global warming,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“The public is switched on to climate change. Our ‘No’ to new coal mines message is rapidly gaining support. Greens candidates in the Hunter will keep on challenging the Iemma government to take real action on climate change. “

“The Greens are about protecting the environment and guaranteeing a secure long term economic future for the Hunter. This starts with ending the unhealthy domination of coal,” Ms Rhiannon said.

For more information: Lee Rhiannon – 0427 861 568
Newcastle Greens office – 4927 5451

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