Iemma Government betrayal over genetically-modified food and crops

“The Moratorium on genetically modified crops should remain in force until it is proved that genetically-modified crops can be contained and that they are safe for consumption by humans and animals,” said Newcastle City Councillor Michael Osborne, and Greens candidate for Newcastle.

“Two years ago the Sydney Labor Government announced a moratorium on genetically-modified crops until 2008. And yet the Government has allowed 57,000 tonnes of Canadian genetically-modified canola seed into the Port of Newcastle.

“In 2003 Newcastle City Council resolved that the city would be GM-free and this was conveyed to the Government. Council was not informed that the genetically-modified shipment of GM canola would be entering our Port.

“The genetically-modified canola could be transported all over Australia to producers of margarine, mayonnaise, canola oil and animal feed destined for the poultry and dairy industries. This undercuts local farmers and contaminates our food chain.

“Australian consumers have shown clearly that they don’t want genetically-modified food.

“Will the Sydney Labor Government insure local farmers, who have GM-free crops, against contamination from these genetically-modified imports?

“Greenpeace activists were yesterday forced to take drastic action to inform the public that the Government had broken its promise to ban the importation of GM crops until it could be shown clearly that they can be contained and are safe for human and animal consumption,” Cr Osborne said.

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