Research Released today shows Green Corridor already Government Owned!

“Researchers have discovered that more than 80% of the land in the Green
Corridor is already owned by the State Government on behalf of the people
of NSW,” Michael Osborne, a spokesperson for the Green Corridor Coalition
and Newcastle Greens candidate for Ward 2 said today.

The Green Corridor Coalition, an alliance of more than 35 community and
environment groups striving for the protection of the green corridor from
Stockton Bight to Sugarloaf and on to the Watagans, has had researchers
combing through the Lands Title records to determine who owns the land in
the Green Corridor.

“With a stroke of the pen, the State Government can protect the Green
Corridor which is already supported by more than 35 community and
environmental groups and a large number of lower Hunter residents,” Mr
Osborne said.

“This land includes bush on Tomago sandbeds, the land along Stockton Bight,
the Tomago wetlands recently acquired for the failed Austeel project, the
land around the Hexham wetlands acquired over the last decade and the land
around West Wallsend that BHP gave to the government when it wound up its
operations in Newcastle.” Mr Osborne said.

“All of this land is in the green corridor and is the last remnant green
space around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie that hasn’t been zoned for
development,” Mr Osborne said.

“The Government should immediately revoke SEPP 74 which threatened the
Tomago wetlands and gazette the area into the adjacent Ramsar-listed
Kooragang Wetlands.”

“The other major landowner in the Green Corridor is Coal and Allied/ Rio
Tinto who own the Tank Paddock and the land up the ridge to Mt Sugarloaf,”
Mr Osborne said.

“Researchers still haven’t found how much the JA Brown Coal Company
originally paid for the land, though many believe they only paid a
peppercorn,” he said.

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