Greens offer peace alternative in Dobell

The Greens are the only parliamentary party who have strongly opposed sending Australian troops away to an American war.

The Greens lead Senate candidate in NSW, Kerry Nettle, last week launched a national anti-war campaign, releasing 60,000 post cards carrying the message: “War: what is it good for?”

The campaign will see 60,000 of the anti-war AvantCards distributed to universities, TAFEs and cinemas around the country

“We are taking a principled stance against war. As a party committed to peace, The Greens condemn terrorism. However, bombing will not prevent such acts. It will cause suffering to innocent civilians, create more refugees and more political instability around the world,” said Ms. Nettle.

Greens candidate for the seat of Dobell, Samantha Ker said: “I’m offering voters in Dobell who disagree with this war and Australia’s involvement in it a way of expressing their concerns about the approaches of both Labor and Liberal through the ballot box.

“The Greens around the world want to address the poverty and debt that allows fundamentalism and fanaticism to thrive. Taliban schools offer free classrooms, shelter and food to young boys who would otherwise go hungry.”

The Greens have called on the Coalition and Labor to address causes of conflict by agreeing to:
� Work to have Third World debt forgiven;
� Lift foreign aid to the UN recommended level of 0.7% of GNP;
� Ratify and implement all human rights treaties.

The Greens support the United Nations and an International Criminal Court in dealing with the issues that threaten world peace, including terrorism.

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