Transport Black Holes at Wallsend and the Lake

The Greens want fair transport treatment for Lake Macquarie and Wallsend residents.

“Adequate levels of public transport are a community right ” say Green’s Candidates Howard Morrison and Michael Osborne.

Howard Morrison, the Greens Candidate for Lake Macquarie condemned the Carr government for neglecting Lake residents. He said “The failure to build the Glendale train station when Glendale Supercentre opened in 1996 is a glaring example of how Lake Macquarie residents are treated when it comes to public transport.”

Glendale is the population and geographical centre of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. It is 10 minutes by link road to the National Highway. It is the most widely accepted site for the Regional Integrated Transport Centre.

The Carr government has had seven years to show that it cares about the Lake Macquarie voters but it has done nothing. Trains from Lake Macquarie stations pass within metres of the major regional shopping Centre without a platform in sight.

“The Greens and all the voters know public transport stops at Wallsend” says Wallsend Greens candidate Michael Osborne. “”Its unbelievable that the State Government continues to deprive the residents of Maryland, Fletcher and Minmi of an integrated public transport system. ”

Greens candidates question the Carr government’s priorities. “The Carr government should not release new housing estates until the public gets the transport system they need.” “How long do residents have to wait before the State Transit Authority responds to their needs?”

The Greens want the Glendale station funded now as a first step in improving transport options for Lake Macquarie and Wallsend residents.

“We need integrated public transport to access services and increase employment opportunities among non-drivers and particularly young people” say Howard Morrison and Michael Osborne.

The Greens want the local community to have a say in fixing the transport black holes for Wallsend and Lake Macquarie voters.

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