Newcastle Greens urge residents to march against War

Newcastle Greens candidate for Port Stephens, Tom Griffiths, is urging residents who oppose Australia’s involvement in a war against Iraq to attend a “No War” March and Rally beginning in Civic Park on Saturday February 15 at 11:00 am.

“As polls show across the country, an overwhelming number of people in our communities are frustrated and angry at the prospect of war in Iraq, and Australian involvement,” said Mr Griffiths.
“People are angry about our Prime Minister’s subservience to the United States, and the double standards of the arguments being repeated by him to try and justify the killing of Iraqi people.

“People know that a US attack on Iraq has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or enforcing United Nations resolutions, but is about the USA gaining control over Iraq’s oil,” he said.

Tom Griffiths noted that the United States is attempting to blackmail the United Nations into sanctioning an attack that they have already decided to make:

“The only way for the United Nations to maintain its credibility is for it to support peaceful alternatives, oppose US bullying, and in the event of a US led attack, take action against the United State’s breach of international law.”

On the weekend of the 15th and 16th people all over the world will be demonstrating their opposition to the war by taking part in marches and public rallies. There will be marches in every capital city and in many towns across Australia.

“Importantly the Greens are the only Party with Parliamentary representation who are completely opposed to a war – whether or not it is sanctioned by the U.N.

“Even if the UN Security Council gives in to pressure and/or bribes from the US, that does not stop, nor justify, the reality that in such a one-sided ?war’ many thousands of innocent people will be killed,” said Tom Griffiths.

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