Greens announce local state election candidates

Newcastle Greens today announced The Greens candidates for six local seats
for next month’s state election.

The Greens’ local line-up includes former Labor councillor Keith Parsons,
who will contest the seat of Charlestown where Labor is locked in a bitter
factional preselection battle, and sitting Newcastle councillor, Ian
McKenzie, who will stand for the seat of Newcastle.
The Greens candidates for the state electorates of Charlestown, Lake
Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Swansea and Wallsend will be:

Keith Parsons: Charlestown
Howard Morrison: Lake Macquarie
Ian McKenzie: Newcastle
Tom Griffiths: Port Stephens
Charmian Eckersley: Swansea
Michael Osborne: Wallsend

Mr Parsons, who left the ALP in 1999, said he was pleased and proud to be
part of a quality team of candidates for a party offering a real
alternative to Labor in the Hunter.

“I’ve spoken to so many disaffected ALP members and supporters who just
can’t believe the direction Labor has taken, especially in key policy areas
of equity and social justice, such as education and industrial relations,”
he said.

“And the problems inside the ALP are no more evident than in the electorate
of Charlestown, where Sussex St is again trying to impose its choice on the
party’s grassroots membership.”

He invited disaffected Labor voters to use The Greens to send a strong
message to the party by giving their primary vote to The Greens and then
their preferences to Labor.

“Traditional Labor voters are rightly suspicious of conservative and
independent candidates, who often turn out to be even worse than the Devil
they know,” Mr Parsons said.

“But The Greens are a progressive party, with a strong organisational and
policy base and with candidates who have shown that they will remain true
to their principles and policies once elected.”

The Greens candidate for Newcastle, Cr Ian McKenzie – who has represented
Newcastle Greens on Newcastle Council for the past three years – said that
party expected to do well in the Hunter, especially in Newcastle, where
voters have given solid support to The Greens since it first fielded
candidates in the seat in 1991.

“We’ll be vigorously contesting these local seats against sitting ALP
members, who have represented a Labor government whose performance in key
policy areas has been well below par,” Cr McKenzie said.

For further information or comment, please contact Keith Parsons 4926-5301
or Ian McKenzie on 0411-154-004 or 4962-4412.

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