Stop Politicians Rorts

The Greens are calling for greater accountability of MP’s electoral allowances and major reforms to the Parliamentary Superannuation scheme.

Newcastle Greens Candidate John Sutton says the community is fed up with MP’s feathering their own nests and rorting their allowances.

“Federal Politicians are generously remunerated,” Mr Sutton said. “Rorting of printing and travel allowances is totally unacceptable. MPs should be required to disclose full details of how their entitlements and allowances are spent.”

“Large pay rises pushed through parliaments in the middle of the night, Member for Paterson Bob Horne’s exorbitant printing bill, and the generous super benefits that will be received by retiring MP’s – such as Newcastle’s Allan Morris – are undermining community confidence that parliamentarians are there to represent community interests.”

“Parliamentary pay increases should be no greater than increases in the Total Average Weekly Earnings applied to pensioners,”

“Parliamentary superannuation arrangements should be determined by an independent body and should be in line with schemes available to the wider community. At the very least, MP should have the option of a superannuation scheme used by the general community.”

Mr Sutton rejected the notion that the generous superannuation package was needed because politics did not lead to further career or employment opportunities.

“Former politicians are in demand and extremely well paid as consultants and for conferences, seminars and other public speaking engagements. Claims that there is no life after retiring from politics are a furphy,” Mr Sutton concluded

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