Greens to launch in “true believer” stronghold

NSW number 1 Senate Candidate Kerry Nettle will launch The Greens 2001 Federal election campaign for the seats of Newcastle, Charlton, and Shortland at Newcastle Trades Hall this Sunday.

The Greens will officially launch the campaigns of John Sutton (Newcastle), Joan Lambert (Shortland), and David Blyth (Charlton) and announce Greens preferences in these local seats.

Greens candidate for Newcastle John Sutton said that the fact that the Greens were launching their campaign in a place so strongly associated with the ALP was an indication of the changing nature of Australian and local politics.

Labor has abandoned its traditional roots and become a party of big business. The recent preference deal cooked up by the Labor Party with the Democrats in an attempt to get rid of The Greens shows just how much Labor doesn’t like us pricking its conscience when it abandons its traditional values and constituencies.

“The Greens are now the only parliamentary party left to represent the true believers.” Mr Sutton said.

“By holding our launch at Trades Hall, we’re emphasising that we stand for the people, the principles and the issues that Labor has abandoned and neglected.”

David Blyth, Greens candidate for Charlton, said “Greens policies are about closing the gap between rich and poor, protecting the rights of workers, challenging the power of corporations, building a decent welfare system and a social safety net, re-establishing free education for all, taking big money out of politics, and giving everyone a fair go.”

Joan Lambert, Greens candidate for Shortland, said “Voters are realising that The Greens are not a single issue party. We have built a strong relationship with the union movement.”

Locally, we have established a coalition with Trades Hall Council against the proposed wood-fuelled power station in the Hunter, and our parliamentary representatives have strongly defended the rights of workers against attacks by the Democrats and the Coalition.

We’re about creating sustainable, fulfilling jobs.

“The Greens represent the kinds of concerns and issues that working people once supported the ALP for,” Ms Lambert said.

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