Greens have better deal for seniors

The Greens candidate for Shortland, Joan Lambert, today criticised the Coalition government’s appalling record on aged care and its reluctance to release policies or take meaningful steps to improve the situation of aged care nationally and in the Hunter.
Ms Lambert, 64, said, “we don’t share the view that seniors should be denied vital information that will directly affect their quality of life.

People have a right to know just what – if anything – John Howard plans to do to improve aged care, and so far the government has refused to release meaningful policies.

“The people with the money can afford good care, but the poor are suffering for lack of alternatives. Under the economic rationalism of the major parties seniors are viewed as a non-productive burden on the economy and a prime target for expenditure cuts.

“Older people are being sacrificed on the altar of privatisation, competition and profit. The Greens recognise the value and wisdom that seniors contribute to the community and we are more than happy to tell them about our Seniors policy,” Ms Lambert said.

The Greens will support legislation that:

  • Introduces a low income pensioner supplement of between $250 and $500 a year to further compensate for the GST;
  • Provide planning assistance and financial support or tax relief for families to build granny flats to help house elderly relatives;
  • Provide support services to enable seniors who choose to remain in their
    own homes to do so for as long as possible;
  • Provide greater financial support and tax relief for carers of seniors;
  • Ensure that care standards in nursing homes are maintained or improved;
  • Provide adequate and affordable health, pharmaceutical and dental
    services for seniors.

“A vote for the Greens sends a clear message to both the major parties that aged care should be a priority, not an afterthought.” Ms Lambert said.
For further information or comment contact Joan Lambert (Greens candidate for Shortland) on 0416-087-459 or 4963-2077.

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