Green future brighter than Khaki war

The Greens candidate for Charlton, David Blyth, said today that The Greens were the obvious choice for the large numbers of voters who believe that justice can be achieved without resorting to war.

Emphasising The Greens’ opposition to Australia’s involvement in the United States’ war against Afghanistan, Mr Blyth said, “The attacks on The United States were a human tragedy that all Australians must deplore.

“But The Greens recognise that the causes of the conflict are a complex mix of economic social and religious factors and solutions need to address the underlying causes.

“The bombing of Afghanistan is throwing fuel on the flames and exacerbating Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis. This military response will not reduce the threat of terrorism but will make matters much worse.

“We are concerned that both Mr Howard and Mr Beazley are committing Australia to a violent, drawn-out conflict with no clearly defined enemy and which is hurting innocent civilians, not the perpetrators of terrorist attacks.”

“This situation must be resolved through the non-military processes of the United Nations and the system of international justice, not through war.”

Mr Blyth said it was irresponsible and hypocritical for Australia to participate in military actions that caused thousands of innocent civilians to flee for their lives, and then refuse them sanctuary.

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